Monday, August 28, 2006

Some things Creative

Trust your instincts

The evidence seems to be that the conscious mind isn't much use in making hard decision
Libet's experiments suggested that our brain makes up its mind long (in neurobiological terms) before we become aware of any conscious intention to act. Consciousness seems to be a mere bystander with just an illusion of control. Where does this leave free will or personal responsibility

Randy Thom, C.A.S. suggest

1. Learn your craft thoroughly, reading everything you can about the traditions and conventions of the craft, as well as experiments on the modern cutting edge.

2. Begin each project with few assumptions about the methods you will use. Let the needs of the project, most of which you won't know until after you've gotten your feet wet, determine your approach.

3. Experiment as early and as often and as inexpensively as possible. Make lots of mistakes when mistakes are cheap.

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The Second Mind

In this excerpt, from the Introduction to "Blink," Malcolm Gladwell describes the part of the brain that runs our rapid decision-making system

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Knowing what to Want

Timothy D Wilson, the author of .Strangers to ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious stresses that If we don't know ourselves--our potentials, feelings, or motives--it is most often, Wilson tells us, because we have developed a plausible story about ourselves that is out of touch with our adaptive unconscious. Citing evidence that too much introspection can actually do damage, Wilson makes the case for better ways of discovering our unconscious selves. but he also published a paper on knowing what to want

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