Friday, August 31, 2007

BET Must do Better

Don't know what to make of Reginald Hudlin of BET seems like since he came on board the network has pulled out all stops to contribute to the degradation of African Americans After vowing to clean up BET’s image the network is now airing Hot Ghetto Mess a show that depicts African Americans in just about every negative way possible while claiming that these images will basically shame people into changing for the better. He tries the same approach to reading and also fails (Hey Reggie what happen to all that pro-black talk you espoused before you could do something about it ?)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Brownie Law"

John Edwards, who launched his presidential bid from New Orleans earlier this year, said he would revamp Washington's federal emergency bureaucracy by placing a "disaster czar" in the White House.

Mr Edwards also pledged that as president he would push through a "Brownie law" – a sardonic reference to Michael Brown, who was head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency when the storm hit. At the time, Mr Bush told the Fema director: "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie."

Mr Edwards's proposed law would aim to ensure that political appointees to federal agencies are qualified to do the job. Mr Brown had previously been commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the Democratic frontrunners, issued similar criticisms and plans on their visits to New Orleans. Mike Huckabee, who surprised many by coming second to Mitt Romney in the Iowa Republican straw poll and who is the former governor of Arkansas, which took 75,000 evacuees, also blasted the Bush administration. He said: "We came to believe Fema stood for 'Forget expecting meaningful answers'."

Click here for Anger & Sadness Marks 2 Anniversary

Monday, August 27, 2007

Obama's Plan for New Orleans

With the 2 year anniversary of the worst man made disaster in U.S. history and a testament to the Bush administration incompetence Barrack Obama outlined a plan he said would help restore the region by:

_providing grants for community policing in New Orleans, which has struggled with violence since Katrina;

_offering incentives such as loan forgiveness programs to try to attract doctors and college students;

_ensuring displaced residents who want to return have a place to stay;

_creating a national catastrophic insurance reserve, which he said would help homeowners struggling with their premiums.

At least two other leading Democratic candidates, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards, also have outlined rebuilding plans and touched on similar themes.

"Part of the problem, I'll be honest with you, I just don't think there is a sense of urgency in the White House, where the president is cracking the whip, day in, day out, and saying, 'Why is it that we're not getting this done?'" Obama said.

"I mean, you think about the amount of attention that's been devoted to Iraq. 'All hands on deck.' I don't get that same sense that there's a focus on getting this work done," Obama said.

What Actually Makes Young Adults Happy

“They’re my foundation,” says Kristiana St. John, 17, a high-school student from Queens in New York. “My mom tells me that even if I do something stupid, she’s still going to love me no matter what. Just knowing that makes me feel very happy and blessed.”

Other results are more disconcerting. While most young people are happy overall with the way their lives are going, there are racial differences: The poll shows whites to be happier, across economic categories, than blacks and Hispanics. A lot of young people feel stress, particularly those from the middle class, and females more than males.

You might think money would be clearly tied to a general sense of happiness. But almost no one said “money” when asked what makes them happy, though people with the highest family incomes are generally happier with life. However, having highly educated parents is a stronger predictor of happiness than income.

And sex? Yes, we were getting to that. Being sexually active actually leads to less happiness among 13-17 year olds, according to the survey. If you’re 18 to 24, sex might lead to more happiness in the moment, but not in general.

From the body to the soul: Close to half say religion and spirituality are very important. And more than half say they believe there is a higher power that has an influence over things that make them happy. Beyond religion, simply belonging to an organized religious group makes people happier.

And parents, here’s some more for you: Most young people in school say it makes them happy. Overwhelmingly, young people think marriage would make them happy and want to be married some day. Most also want to have kids.

Finally, when asked to name their heroes, nearly half of respondents mentioned one or both of their parents. The winner, by a nose: Mom.

Happiness is ...
“...two kinds of ice cream,” according to the song from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” John Lennon, more darkly, described it as a warm gun. A much more typical description comes from Stacy Rosales, a 23-year-old recent college graduate, who calls it “just a general stress-free feeling where I’m not really worried about anything. THAT makes me happy.”

For Chad Fiedler, 17, it’s “just waking up in the morning and looking forward to what I’m going to be doing that day.” And for Eoshe Roland, a 14-year-old from Nashville, it’s “playing trumpet in my school band.”

However you express, define or feel it, 65 percent of those surveyed say they’re happy with the way things are going for them right now.

Updated: 5:39 a.m. PT Aug 20, 2007
NEW YORK - So you’re between the ages of 13 and 24. What makes you happy? A worried, weary parent might imagine the answer to sound something like this: Sex, drugs, a little rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe some cash, or at least the car keys.

Turns out the real answer is quite different. Spending time with family was the top answer to that open-ended question, according to an extensive survey — more than 100 questions asked of 1,280 people ages 13-24 — conducted by The Associated Press and MTV on the nature of happiness among America’s young people.

Next was spending time with friends, followed by time with a significant other. And even better for parents: Nearly three-quarters of young people say their relationship with their parents makes them happy.

We are family
When asked what one thing makes them most happy, 20 percent mentioned spending time with family — more than anything else. About three-quarters — 73 percent — said their relationship with their parents makes them happy. After family, it was relationships with friends that people mentioned most.

“It’s good news to hear young people being realistic about what really makes them happy,” says psychologist Jean Twenge, author of “Generation Me” and a professor at San Diego State University. “Research has shown us that relationships are the single greatest source of happiness.”

Also confirming existing research, Twenge says, is the finding that children of divorced parents are somewhat less likely to be happy. Among 13-17 year olds, 64 percent of those with parents still together said they wake up happy, compared to 47 percent of those with divorced parents.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dr. Asa Grant Hilliard III

Noted Afrocentric scholar passes in Egypt

By Valencia Mohammed and Bunnie Jackson Ransom
AFRO Staff Writer/Contributing Writer

Dr. Asa Grant Hilliard III, world renowned Pan-Africanist educator, historian, and psychologist, passed from this life on Aug. 13, in Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Hilliard was in Egypt to deliver a keynote lecture at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC), an organization he helped found. Hilliard was also lecturing for a study trip led by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago.

According to family members, the cause of death is attributed to complications from malaria. It is believed that Hilliard may have contacted the disease while in Ghana. However, he did not show deadly signs of the illness until reaching Aswan, Egypt. On tour with Hilliard were other great scholars such as Dr. Ben Jochanan, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Hanibal Afrik, Dr. Na'im Akbar, Dr. Wade Nobles, James Smalls, Conrad Worrill, Dr. Annette Kashif, Ife Carruthers and others.

Hilliard spent more than 30 years leading study groups to Egypt and Ghana, as part of his mission to teach true history of Africa and the African Diaspora.

"Dr. Hilliard was in his favorite place, with his favorite person —— our mother —— when he died," said his daughter, Robi Hilliard Herron.

Hilliard was married for nearly 50 years to the Patsy Jo Hilliard, former mayor of East Point, Ga.

Born in Galveston, Texas on Aug. 22, 1933, to Asa G. Hilliard, II and Dr. Lois O. Williams, Hilliard received a bachelor's degree from the University of Denver in 1955. He later received his master's in counseling (1961) and doctoral degree in educational psychology (1963) from the University of Denver.

"I am a teacher, psychologist and a historian. As such, I am interested in the aims, the methods and the content of the socialization process that we ought to have in place to create wholeness among our people."
~Dr. Asa Hilliard.

At the time of his death, Dr. Hilliard was the Fuller E. Calloway Professor of Urban Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta where he held joint appointments in the Department of Educational Policy Studies and the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education.

As a distinguished consultant, Hilliard has worked with many of the leading school districts, publishers, public advocacy organizations, universities, government agencies and private corporations on valid assessment, African content in curriculum, teacher training, and public policy.

Several of his programs in pluralistic curriculum, assessment, and valid teaching have become national models. Dr. Hilliard designed the approach and selected the essays that appeared in The Portland Baseline Essays (Portland, Ore.) which represent the first time that a comprehensive global and longitudinal view of people of African ancestry has been presented in a curriculum.

"There is no educational scholar who has impacted the way we educate young people more than Dr. Asa Hilliard. He has been a great warrior," said Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, author of The History of Africa. Asa was a multidisciplinary and multitalented intellectual. He has inspired generations to see ancient Egypt as the classical civilization of the Black World. He has championed the integrity of African culture and demonstrated that nothing could be greater for us than our own commitment to historical understanding and experiences."

In 2001, Hilliard was installed as development chief for Mankranso, Ghana, and given the name Nana Baffour Amankwatia II, which means "generous one." Hilliard co-chaired the first national conference on the Infusion of African and African-American Content in the School Curriculum in Atlanta. Dr. Hilliard was a founding member and first vice president of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations and a founding member of the National Black Child Development Institute. Dr. Hilliard was also a key advisor for the African Education for Every African Child Conference, held in Mali and sponsored by the government of Mali.

Hilliard has authored more than a thousand publications including journal articles, magazine articles, special reports, chapters in books, and books.

"Anybody who is sad about his passing should remember [that] my father was a freedom fighter. Please carry on his legacy," said his son Michael Hakim Hilliard.

Dr. Hilliard is survived by his wife, Patsy Jo Hilliard and four children: Asa G. Hilliard IV, Robi Hilliard Herron, Dr. Patricia Hilliard-Nunn and Michael Hakim Hilliard and seven grandchildren.

Dr. Hilliard will lay in state on Aug. 22 at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel in Atlanta, Ga., followed by funeral services on Aug. 23.

For a selected bibliographyy click here

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Positive & Motivational Books

From Abundant World

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Understanding Slavery

The rich cultural traditions of Africa
Africa has a long and rich history. There were many diverse and powerful kingdoms throughout Africa, particularly in the west. These include the kingdoms of Mali, Songhay, Benin and the Asante, all built on wealth from mining gold. Economic networks and craftsmanship characterized these cultures.
Background information
The background information provides an introduction to West African History. This overview will help contextualize this history to support pupils’ learning about the continent before the transatlantic slave trade.
An Excellent Learning Tool Click Here

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jerry Crafts Home Schoolin!

Mama's Boyz: Home Schoolin' is here!!!!!

Creator Jerry Craft has published a new Mama's Boyz book called Mama's boyz: Home Schoolin'. And it's even bigger and better than the first one (Mama's Boyz: As American As Sweet Potato Pie!).

It's 112 pages of comic strips and stories, plus a section that shows how Jerry draws his characters and create strips. There's also a story with author Eric Jerome Dickey as a cartoon character, AND a 9-page story drawn in comic BOOK form, not as comic STRIPS. Speaking of Eric Dickey, Jerry just went to his signing at Hue Man Books in NYC where not only did he sign copies of HIS new book, but he also signed his section in Jerry's new book. How cool is that?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tim Story

"A few people called me about the black thing and said: 'This is major. You're a black director on "Fantastic Four." ' But all I was thinking was: 'I just don't want to screw up.' But then people were like, 'If you screw this up, we all got a problem,' and I said, 'Oh, man, I got that on me now?'"
Timothy Kevin Story was born on March 13, 1970 in Los Angeles, California. Attended Westchester High School in Los Angeles, California and recieved his BA in Film Production at University Of Southern California,Los Angeles,California
Like so many directors Tim got his start doing music videos for the likes of NSYNC, Tyrese Gibson and India Irie
Partial Film Directing credits
Forget what the critic say Tim Story's Fantastic Four is a hit because it has found a place in the hearts and imagination of its viewers. Tim brought Silver Surfer, a character many comic fans wondered would ever be realized on the big screen and hired Laurence Fishburne to be the
voice. The final results is Wow!
Tim is also one the first directors to interact with his fan as his film was in production; check out his myspace page click here

Monday, August 06, 2007

Nomadic Hip Hop

While the conversation in the states is whether Hip Hop is dead or alive. It continues to flourish abroad. Case in point, Nomadic Wax

Nomadic Wax is a mobile "guerilla-style" production company and record label dedicated to recording, producing, and distributing hip-hop talent from Africa.

Nomadic Wax was conceived by Benny Herson who stumbled upon a thriving underground hip-hop scene during a trip to Senegal in the summer of 1999.

In 2000, Herson returned to Senegal to write "Fat Beats, Dope Rhymes and Thug Lives" a scholarship-wining thesis documenting the rise of Senegalese hip-hop and the power of hip-hop as a means of political/social expression.

In 2001 Herson returned to Dakar with no more than a hard disk recorder, a laptop computer and a couple of microphones. With engineering help from ASCAP award winning engineer Dan Cantor (Notable Productions) and 14 of Herson’s dopest beats Nomadic Wax recorded African Underground Vol. 1 "Hip-Hop Senegal" a compilation featuring 14 of Dakar’s illest MCs.

Today Nomadic Wax has successfully produced over 60 hip-hop groups from all over Africa. With the advent of portable digital studio technology, Nomadic Wax is able record on location, thus reaching even in the most remote of locations. click here to visit

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ghetto Done Write

The Boondocks is not a series that I watch (for obvious reasons) but with this episode the writer blended the elements of pop culture, anime and edgy storyline together excellently

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blokhedz Animation - Official Trailer (not Ghetto)

Animation done Right for and by lovers of hip hop, the promise of this series is incredible

Wednesday, August 01, 2007