Monday, March 17, 2008

The Definition of Happiness To Live By

Our emotions are not caused by events that happen to us, but by our reaction to the events that happen to us.

Our happiness and emotional health comes under attack whenever we think, speak or act something that is not really true to our natural design. Just as with our physical health, we are continually attacked by many ‘invading aliens’. These include;

The pressure to conform to Society’s, groups and organizational rules.

Expectations of ourselves, and others, to live up to certain standards.

Fitting into pre-designed roles, which restrict, confine and limit our expression of our true individuality.
My definition of happiness is a natural outcome of being yourself. It is having complete integrity.

Everything that you think, matches with what you say, which matches with what you do.

Inside every Singer is a song that has to be sung.

Inside every Poet is a poem that must be written.

Inside every Painter is a painting that must be painted.

Inside every Entrepreneur is an enterprise that must be started.

Inside every Social Campaigner is an ill that must be righted.

Inside every Administrator is an inefficiency that must be organized.

Inside every One is something that must be created, fixed or improved.

What is it you must do?

taking from The Definition of Happiness To Live By

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