Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clinton is No Brother of Mine

By SONYA ROSS, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Imagine, for just a minute, the pain of America's first black president.

Not Barack Obama — Bill Clinton.

That's about the only explanation for Clinton's lack of brotherly behavior lately: He's in pain.

He is a figurative black man watching an actual black man soak in all the love that black voters used to save for him.

Suddenly, he looks oh so white.

The former president's love affair with black America hasn't soured to the point that he'll be chased out of his office in Harlem. But black people might revoke Clinton's honorary brother card if, out of his pain, he keeps hating on Obama. He's treating the Illinois senator like an unworthy heir to his racial legacy.
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Below Dick Gregory apologizes to Bill on the behalf of Black folks

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