Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not Your Parents Vampire Story

Its Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out the Interview featuring Michele Bardsley (I'm the Vampire That's Why)and me click here

Big Top

Theres a lot of posivitives at the UniverSoul Circus. Seeing black performers from diaspora is a crash course in black history, with performers from France, Gabon, Ethiopia, to name a few. They also feature artist from China and even though you may not approve of animals in used for entertainment (I for one) you have to respect and say what says girl power more than a sistah alone in a cager full of lions

In 1994 the UniverSoul Circus was born. The vision was to explore the various talents other than singing and dancing that black performers had to offer. We had the idea to present something different, to create a show that presented a wide spectrum of black talent to a wide demographic of spectators. To reach deep into our culture and search for what talent and skills lie asleep in the black entertainment experience. We wanted to apply our gathered years of experience in the live appearance industry, to make a difference, to change the industry we lived in, creating growth and new opportunity.

Our journey began in libraries, first researching black entertainment from the turn of the century, until today. We came across a black circus operating in 1893. I envisioned hip-hop musicals, a return to vaudeville and animal acts. That's when the decision was made to create a full-blown big top circus.

The first show lost every penny. But the idea was successful. Although Walker lined up backers and sponsors, few believed in his vision, so his own money financed the majority of the million-dollar production. UniverSoul had successfully turned the traditional, “pomp and circumstance” circus world upside down in 1994 when Walker's dream of “Hip Hop under the Big Top” turned into a reality in the parking lot of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Despite going deep into the red during the first season, enthusiastic crowds and rave reviews encouraged Walker and company to continue operations. By 1997 the circus tour had grown to 10 cities, 19 cities in 1999, 31 cities in 2000, toured South Africa 2001– its first international destination, and 32 cities in 2005 check out the web here

Venus Returns

Venus latest updatean this time it is so smooth and mellow click

Can You Dig It

If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop?
Click for the answer


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