Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Under the Influence

The Wire episode 43 Margin of Error
"I think the idea we're trying to bring across is that kids are going to get educated. And that we're going to see where. It's not about kids making bad mistakes and becoming caught in the Criminal Justice system. They don't have an option of choice. We in society have the choices. So you might see a kid who clearly doesn't have a prayer and it will be very apparent why he doesn't have a prayer. It's not about blaming kids. They will survive. They will learn. It's just a question of where" Ed Burns producer

Snitching, being a look out and recruited has all been subtle up until this episode
One of the statement whe nt the character Namond Brice is told by his mother "that it ws time for him to be a man he's now going to have to step up. He can't quit school, but he has to go ask Bodie for his own package" Up until this episode much of show focused on the influence (mostly negative)of men. This episode highlited the power of women from keeping a child from jail, to being the catylist for keeping a son from participating in organized sports, in this case boxing.

Street Influence
Costume Designer Alonzo Wilson. talks about dressing the young cast members of the Wire

This is a typical idea of kids on the corner, white tee shirt and jeans. White tee shirts and jeans are abundant in the world of The Wire, because of the anonymity. If you're going to sell drugs on the corner, then you don't want to be the guy in the red shirt that the police are chasing.

It's not a fashion thing. It's a functional aspect of everyday life. If you drive in the city of Baltimore in the summer, you'll run out of numbers to count the white shirts.

Influenced by Sci-Fi

Writer Stuart Moore has taken some fairly universal themes of adolescence—being the new kid at school, abusive relationships, self-esteem issues, bullying, authority figures—and deftly placed them against the exotic backdrop of outer space. But instead of overshadowing the drama, the high-stakes setting of the first colony on the moon only serves to ratchet up the tension, and makes the trials and tribulations of Earthlight's characters all the more riveting.


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