Thursday, March 29, 2007

Joe Jeannette

Joe Jeannette
(Joseph Jennette)
BORN August 26 1879; North Bergen, New Jersey
DIED July 2 1958; Weehawken, New Jersey (Some sources report 1956)
WEIGHT 185-205 lbs
MANAGER Dan McKetrick

Jeannette was an extremely talented fighter; On defense, he was slippery and elusive; On offense, he was a dangerous inside puncher; He was a member of the outstanding "black" foursome of the teens, along with Jack Johnson, Sam Langford and Sam McVea; Jeannette was elected to the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1967 anwill be like d the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1998

During his career, Jeannette defeated such men as Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Sam McVea, Georges Carpentier, Black Bill (Claude Brooks), Jim Jeffords, George Cole, Al Kubiak, "Big" Bill Tate, Arthur Pelkey and Bartley Madden click here for more

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