Monday, August 06, 2007

Nomadic Hip Hop

While the conversation in the states is whether Hip Hop is dead or alive. It continues to flourish abroad. Case in point, Nomadic Wax

Nomadic Wax is a mobile "guerilla-style" production company and record label dedicated to recording, producing, and distributing hip-hop talent from Africa.

Nomadic Wax was conceived by Benny Herson who stumbled upon a thriving underground hip-hop scene during a trip to Senegal in the summer of 1999.

In 2000, Herson returned to Senegal to write "Fat Beats, Dope Rhymes and Thug Lives" a scholarship-wining thesis documenting the rise of Senegalese hip-hop and the power of hip-hop as a means of political/social expression.

In 2001 Herson returned to Dakar with no more than a hard disk recorder, a laptop computer and a couple of microphones. With engineering help from ASCAP award winning engineer Dan Cantor (Notable Productions) and 14 of Herson’s dopest beats Nomadic Wax recorded African Underground Vol. 1 "Hip-Hop Senegal" a compilation featuring 14 of Dakar’s illest MCs.

Today Nomadic Wax has successfully produced over 60 hip-hop groups from all over Africa. With the advent of portable digital studio technology, Nomadic Wax is able record on location, thus reaching even in the most remote of locations. click here to visit

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