Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tim Story

"A few people called me about the black thing and said: 'This is major. You're a black director on "Fantastic Four." ' But all I was thinking was: 'I just don't want to screw up.' But then people were like, 'If you screw this up, we all got a problem,' and I said, 'Oh, man, I got that on me now?'"
Timothy Kevin Story was born on March 13, 1970 in Los Angeles, California. Attended Westchester High School in Los Angeles, California and recieved his BA in Film Production at University Of Southern California,Los Angeles,California
Like so many directors Tim got his start doing music videos for the likes of NSYNC, Tyrese Gibson and India Irie
Partial Film Directing credits
Forget what the critic say Tim Story's Fantastic Four is a hit because it has found a place in the hearts and imagination of its viewers. Tim brought Silver Surfer, a character many comic fans wondered would ever be realized on the big screen and hired Laurence Fishburne to be the
voice. The final results is Wow!
Tim is also one the first directors to interact with his fan as his film was in production; check out his myspace page click here

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