Friday, September 21, 2007

Creating Mychal Bell

There have been many who have commented on Mychal Bells past offenses saying they are the reason why he's still in Jail. But what are the circumstances that led to Bell's behavior? Bell lives in a town so entrenched in its racist views that it's unable to comprehend that it has a problem let alone admit it. In interview after interview the town folks repeatedly denied that the town was racist, but action after action stated the opposite.What sort of town has a tree that only whites can sit under? And blacks have to ask permission? And when they are granted permission it's telegraphed out so that in the morning there are nooses underneath the tree
In Oakland, CA nooses would not be perceived as a childhood prank, but a racist action.What sort of town has a school superintendent that reduces an expulsion to a simple suspension trivializing the matter as a prank (maybe from his perspective it was a prank but he's not Black)The sheriff warned the black student that there would be serious consequences for expressing there displeasure with there second class treatment as humans and there were.How much rage must there be in Bell and his Black peers and where did it come from? Let me take a guess, the very racism that is in the air. Now instead of addressing the issues that led to the behavior, its better to believe that locking Bell away will resolve the matter. The march yesterday was to say “Enough! We will not endure racist behavior and be punished for expressing out dissatisfaction”
Authorities in Alexandria, Louisiana, (an hour away from Jena) arrested two people after nooses were seen hanging from the back of a red pickup Thursday night, the city's mayor told CNN.
Alexandria is less than an hour away from Jena, Louisiana, and was a staging area Thursday for protesters who went to the smaller town to demonstrate against the treatment of six black teens known as the "Jena 6" in racially charged incidents.
Police say the 18-year-old driver of the truck was charged with driving while intoxicated and inciting to riot and also may be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor -- the 16-year-old passenger.
I find myself enfuriated from this racist act and I’m thousands of miles away, I can only imagine how African Americans living there must feel

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