Thursday, September 06, 2007

Defining What You Sand For

Its good to see that for many the ban on the "N" word was not just a publicity stunt

Eddie Griffin dissed and embarrassed after using N word

Al Sharpton got a laugh at Eddie Griffin but it was for opposite what Griffin thought was funny. If comedian Eddie Griffin didn’t know the N-word was banned and buried, he found out when the publisher of Black Enterprise magazine pulled the plug on his raunchy standup routine and had him thrown off the stage.

Griffin, who headlined a soldout show at Black Enterprise’s 14th annual Golf and Tennis Challenge in Miami on Friday, was about 10 minutes into his N-word-laced act when publisher Earl Graves turned off the mike.

Minutes later, Graves appeared onstage with a cord and plug in one hand and a working microphone in the other. He told the audience at the posh Doral Golf Resort that Griffin’s microphone had been turned off because he repeatedly used the N-word.This was a big event and others are beginning to take notice, the n word ban is serious in professional circles.For Griffin to be bounced in front of everybody sent a message.

Graves, a prominent businessman whose Labor Day weekend event attracts corporate sponsors like Aetna, Pepsi and FedEx, got a standing ovation. He said Griffin, 39, would be paid.

Attendees said Griffin - who has appeared in “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” “Undercover Brother” and “Scary Movie 3″ - sauntered onto the stage smoking a cigarette. He yelled “F— y’all!” before walking off, they said.

“We at Black Enterprise will not allow our culture to go backward,” Graves said. “Black Enterprise stands for decency, black culture and dignity.”

The NAACP held a public “burial” for the racial slur during its annual convention in Detroit in July.

Griffin’s publicist, Jeff Abraham, declined comment.

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