Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Success and Imagination

Take Pride

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Do you realize that in order to succeed in any of life’s endeavor, you need to use your imagination? You have to start imagining things. If you really wish to succeed begin here and now to imagine that. Imagination can be described as “the workshop or the laboratory of all man’s plans”. Desire is the very first principle of success discussed in an earlier article. Yet for that success to actualize and materialize, you need to use your imagination. This is in consonance with the popular saying that “whatever the mind of man conceives and believes, it can achieve”. This quotation has been referred to in other articles I wrote.
So, if you badly want to succeed, begin to imagine and begin to believe that which you have imagined. I have often maintained that the expression “seeing is believing” should be changed to read “believing is seeing”. I want you to begin to think of the various technological inventions that have taken place in this age of ours; and that includes space travel. There was a time when space travel was featured only on cartoons or in fiction movies. Today, all this has become reality because man has imagined things and successfully materialized these things. He has been able to use his imagination to maximum effect.
It is creative imagination that is being referred to here. Those who rely on creative imagination are the ones who are most likely to make the big discoveries and bring about innovation. They generally make things happen in this world, as it is often said. To make maximum use of your imagination, you need to be aware of your intuitive feelings. These feelings are sometimes referred to as the sixth sense by experts in psychology and spiritualism, a topic I wrote about in my book and hope to develop further in another article.
To develop your imaginative and creative powers, you need to practice frequently, and there are simple methods devised to achieve this in my book. Did you know that the secret of great leaders of industry, business, finance, music and other fields of human endeavor, is the ability to use their imagination effectively? Only those who can imagine can create and when you create you have no competition because you produce something new and spectacular. This is why the copyright law of every country in the world protects your invention and your interest. For instance, my philosophy and book which I labeled “Success Through Mind Power” are the products of my imagination. Think today, what wonderful new thing your imagination can bring to you.
Many people in life are prisoners of their own imagination. They are so full of fear to use their imagination that they would not consider new or big ideas. They get caught in their own rut and refuse to make the necessary changes to take them to the next level in life. Thus, they do not achieve the success they only dream about. So if you want to make outstanding progress in life, you must break out of your rut and begin to use your imagination creatively.
It is good to heed this warning; any thought that is registered strongly in your mind is acted upon, though it might not be immediate. The seed is sown through your imagination. Remember your mind is like a garden where you can plant weeds or sweet roses. Your garden does not discriminate. The mental weeds are the major fears of poverty, failure and ill health or death. These weeds are so dangerous that they can strangle excellent ideas by blocking your imagination.
Finally, remember that your mind has been described by one psychologist as a camera picturing whatever thought or ambition fed to it by you. Mix your thought of success with strong positive feelings and the means to achieve your goal will manifest physically. Knowing how best to do this is the basis of my philosophy and book Success through Mind Power, which is very popular at the prestigious National war College in Abuja, Nigeria, where the author has been a guest lecturer of long standing. A copy of the book is available at the website

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