Tuesday, November 06, 2007


By Amanda Arcilla

Most of us can agree that when there is something that we want to accomplish that means a lot to us personally, we have yet to develop a thick skin in accepting we will make mistakes and avoid making a decision at all. Unfortunately going this route in the long stops us from realizing our dreams and happiness and maybe contributing something great to society.

We're afraid to take action because we fear the embarrassment if we fail, I say "jump in" knowing the water will be cold, your body will adjust to the temperature the longer you stay in then at least you've given yourself the chance to see how far you can swim.

We stifle any movement in any direction and creativity stagnates when we are in a place of fear. We have to start thinking mistakes equates progression to success. What's the point of perfect execution if you can't land the fall? The desired outcome and product is what we're after and if you still can't get over the perfection complex consider the idea that mistakes are a gateway to discovery, the very thing you were trying to avoid has now given you a gift and at times as history is evident of this has given us greater things than what we were aiming for, can you see where not making enough mistakes is so underrated?

We cannot deny our natural tendencies as human beings and a culture to evolve past our current circumstances, to become better, more efficient and to play life full out. If we are to fulfill our natural instincts we have to get over our personal restrictions which is an illusion we take way too seriously.

So if you have an idea, a dream, something you want to do, experience and create, dare yourself to get off the fence and initiate the mistakes so you can get to your dreams and success quicker.

Amanda Arcilla is an Attraction Coach. You can read her unique story or get in touch with her at http://Intentionalvibe.com

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