Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Programming Your Happiness


By taking steps every day to build and maintain our happiness, we are better equipped to operate at our optimum. There are actually ways to help mentally ‘program’ our happiness

MEDITATE: Start your day strong. Take a few moments each morning for prayer and meditation. Studies show that meditation may even change how our brain works by increasing activity in a part of our brain associated with positive feelings. Focus on peaceful and uplifting thoughts. Imagine your day going well. Review your goals and dreams. For maximum benefit, meditate several times each day. Even if you can’t get away from work or family, close your eyes and relax your mind.

Think thank you. Being grateful reminds us of the many things we have to be happy about. For example, if your job’s driving you crazy, appreciate the fact that you have a job. Many people don’t. Spending less time complaining and more time counting our blessings helps us look at the upside of life. We can even be thankful for the problems we don’t have.


Self-praise is important. Cheer yourself on. Acknowledge your achievements each day, however small they might seem at the time. Marking our accomplishments is encouraging and reminds us we are on a path of progress. Recite affirmations like, “You go girl (boy)” or “Life is wonderful,” to program positive thoughts. The secret

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You can't go wrong with positive action.