Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Love of Violence as Art

Antonio Riello was born in 1958, in Italy, in a little medieval town called Marostica near Venezia. Now he divides his life between Marostica, Milano, and Amsterdam. After high school he earned a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Padova University. He also has a degree in Architecture from Venezia University. After his studies, he decided to travel around the world working hand-to-mouth with various odd jobs. These jobs included working in a Sadomasochist club in Zurich-CH and as a magician for a German television show. Now he is a professor of "videogame aesthetics and related matters".

He teaches in Italy and abroad.

Since the beginning of his artistic career, he wanted to be a social reporter investigating his immediate environment. He is particularly interested in the "dark sides" of Italian contemporary life. His artistic inquiries examine: prostitution, criminal scenes, bad tricks, "shortcuts for happiness", "home killers", mafia activities and domestic crimes against women and children.

Following the concept of "Ladies Weapons", Riello has begun a similar project called "Ladies Armors". Using plastic, steel and kevlar, he intends to create body armor for women as elegant and effective as the weapons.

"In 1998 I decided to focus my artistic research mainly about a "fashion-fiction" visual story regarding an old passion of mine: weapons - objects full of symbolic senses. I want to mix, in an artistic way, traditional 'female stuff' like fashion with very traditional 'male stuff' like guns. It consists in a restyling of real military weapons into fashion items for ladies".

Every weapon is one of a kind and named after a woman who has been important in Riello's life. Say hello to "HELENA".

Riello uses real military weapons to create his works: assault rifles, pistols, sub machine guns, hand grenades, rocket launchers, etc. He uses weapons from many armies: Russian Kalashnikov, American M-16, Italian Beretta, Israeli UZI and Galil, German HK 33, etc.

This one left me scratcing my head, but isnt this same love of violence playing itself out in more areas of our lives than we care to admit?



Humans are evil--that is why we love violence. That is why God sent the Flood, and that is why Jesus will return when He does--because we are self-destructive sinners who fill ourselves with the pleasures of sin for a season, all the while destroying ourselves and those around us.

God commands us all to repent each one of us of all our sins. He sent Jesus to die for our sins, and will send Him back again to punish those who continue in sin. Are you ready?

Joseph O'Shaughnessy 18 years said...

It's not that humans are evil. It's that human crave power. There's a little boy some where who's dad bought him a rifle. I'm sure that boy can feel a certain impowerment of having a firearm. That doesn't make him evil.

Since the first man picked up a rock and hurdeled it at his fellow man. People have been coming up with new ways to kill each other.

What about those men in Crusades? Bishops, priest's and a bunch minipulative bastards convinced followers of god that they must fight for god. They wern't evil they were fighting for god. Of course I Understand that yeah god doesn't want us killing in his name.

And back to humans being evil. Have you forgotten were created in gods image? Every person has a choice. It's those choices some times blinded by propaganda, lies, ignorance, that blinds us. Evil has nothing to do with it. Not that I'm saying there's no evil in the world. I'm just ruling out your generalization of the human basis on vioence.

Also dude. This guy here... Is just making art based on passed relationship. Couldn't you relate to that instead preaching off. I love you man but it's art. I think it describes what the guy has gone through very well. Wemon are weapons of our choice. Beautiful, sudductive weapons.