Thursday, December 28, 2006

Making it Real

Growing up, as much as I enjoyed seeing superhero's that looked like me, there was always something lacking in them, Soul, not the late James Brown kind of soul but a consciousness, a history, something that made the character more than just an after thought. It's good to see that's finally starting to happen

Reginald Hudlin
Readers of Black Panther have also seen a number of real life historical figures interacting with previous Black Panthers and they can expect appearances by more historical personages in future issues. "It will be hard to beat Malcolm X meeting T'Challa's dad," Hudlin said. "But writing that makes me work extra hard to top it."

Hudlin has greatly enjoyed working on "Black Panther" and continues to strive to come up with tales that will top his previous ones. "When I re-launched the book two years ago, I promised that the Black Panther would become a major player in the Marvel Universe," Hudlin stated. "In that time, you've seen him beat up the WW2 Captain America, partner with Luke Cage and Blade as the only heroes addressing the aftermath of Katrina, marry the woman who many would consider the most amazing woman in the Marvel Universe, and now get in the mix with 'Civil War.' But all that was a set up for the next series of story arcs, which will truly be epic."

Jerry Craft's strip
Mama's Boyz- voted "Best Comic Strip" from the African American Literary Awards Show. Strips truly personifies the family, taking on topics such as AIDS, and other challenges in the Black community. Jerry articulates the impact that uninspired Black Hero's have had on teens from yesterday and even today, I'm sure he would admit that the Black Panther is on the right track, but he was soooo on the money regardng Black Goliath click here

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