Thursday, February 01, 2007

Map Quest

This Headline caught my eye

Police Arrest a ‘Worst of the Worst' Graffiti Tagger on Subway Train

One of the city's most prolific subway graffiti taggers and a long-standing member of the New York Police Department's "Worst of the Worst" list of 50 most wanted vandals was arrested by a transit officer on routine patrol.

McCormick's tag — "MAP" — is found most frequently carved into N train windows. It has also been found above ground, most recently spraypainted at an MTA bus terminal on West Street. Police said McCormick is not part of a gang, but works alone.

When placed under arrest, McCormick was carrying in his backpack nine cans of spray paint and six etching stones, used to carve tags in glass. click here for full article

Then I read

METRO DATELINES; Man Found Burned And a Youth Is Held

A 16-year-old youth was charged with second-degree murder last night in the death of a homeless man whose charred body was found yesterday in a burned-out lot in Coney Island, transit officials said. The youth, Patrick McCormick, had been living on the streets, the officials said. The homeless man's identity was not known click for full article

Then I read
Gothamist News Paper: Did you see that writer map got busted for breaking a window on a train, and it turns out that he had previous arrests for graf, and... homicide!

Grafitti Expert: Thats old news. Did it go into detail of his homicide arrest?

From what I gather, he was bombing subway tunnels many years ago, and was assaulted and raped (yes raped) by a bum in the tunnels. So map came back with a can of gasoline and set the bum on fire and burned him alive. True story.

A 16 year old homeless teen on the streets of New York the Worst of the Worst, way to go City

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