Friday, May 04, 2007

6 Reasons Why Things In Hip Hop Are Changing for Good by Jahi

by Jahi
#1 KRS-One and Marley Marl
Why there is no conversation about this being the most anticipated album
in a long time is crazy to me. Have you heard the lyrics to

"Kill a Rapper?" Instead of talking about all the things that are wrong,

KRS and Marley Marl stand as giants and bring it where it needs to be. On Point.

#2 Stephon Marbury
The Starbury line of shoes is the most revolutionary
thing happening in the sneaker world. While we've all known
that it only costs a fraction of what we are paying for a fresh pair of
Air Ones, Jordans, Bapes, or whatever you are rocking, Stephon Marbury
has become a champion to this cause. For 15 buck you can get his
Starbury shoe, and it matches up in quality and style with all
these high price shoes in the marketplace.
Maximum respect to Stephon for this.

#3 Eryka Badu is coming back...finally
I heard "Real Thing" (Music is Everything) on
It is so refreshing to hear my sistah come back to balance the equation.
I don't know about you but I missed her. It's time for the feminine
energy to speak on what's happening from a female's perspective,
so we can have a balanced overstanding to what is going on. Lovin you Badu

#4 Chamillionaire steps up to the plate
I have to be honest, I may not be dude's number one fan, but
I really respect the fact that he publically came out and responded
to all this controversy by doing a clean album. Everyone has been saying
it's freedom of speech, it's not my job to raise your kids, bla bla bla,
but this brother was smart enough to know it's better to embrace
change than to fight it. Props.

I know a lot of people have a lot of opinions about myspace,
but I feel like it's how you use it that makes it powerful.
I don't know about you, but I've connected with some serious minded,
progressive, Hip Hop to the core folks via myspace.
I've worked with producers overseas got up to date news,
found out about a new artist, a new spot to go check out, and great
video and social commentary. It's an avenue that's bigger than soft
porn and trying to virtual date. Use technology to your advantage
is what I say.

#6 Black-Owned Roberts Broadcasting Cos. LLC
After all this Don Imus talk, a black owned company who has a
Hip Hop station and TV stations stepped up to the plate and
changed the format. They went against the grain and said they
would not support the garbage anymore.. Something Radio
One is not woman enough to do!!