Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Warrior Method

From Booklist
Psychologist Winbush offers a comprehensive parenting program specifically aimed at overcoming the impact of racism and negative experiences too often suffered by young black males, from the low expectations by teachers to racial profiling by police. Winbush has constructed a program that draws on cultural traditions of West Africa. He starts by recommending forming a mother's "birthing circle" to provide support before the boy is born and creating a "young warriors" program (modeled on Poro societies in West Africa) when the boy turns five and continuing through adolescence. Some of the advice--providing male mentors, handling encounters with police--has been offered elsewhere, but Winbush brings great detail and cultural context to his elaborate program for raising black boys. He also provides a wealth of historical background, statistics, and resources to chronicle the current low education achievement, high incarceration, and short life spans of black men and what can be done to change those troubling trends. A valuable resource for parents, teachers, and others concerned about black youth, both girls and boys

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