Monday, May 07, 2007

The Nut Shack

Following the good or bad example of the Boondocks is the Nutshack

The Nutshack is the first animated series made by Filipino-Americans, a Mexican and a black dude...with apparently zero cultural sensitivity. Featuring the voices of comedian Rex Navarrete, show creators Ramon Lopez and Jesse Hernandez. Don't miss a minute of the off the wall adventures of Jack, Phil and the rest of the Nutshack crew as they offend all cultures, sexes and animals.

SCHEDULE:The show airs on MYX Wednesdays at 8pm HI ,10pm PST, 11pm MT, 12 CST, 1am EST with replays on Friday, and Sunday nights in the same timeslot.

click here to see episode 1


Anonymous said...

Now I know your not trying to compare Nutshack with Boondocks

Anonymous said...

...yea seriously...the boondocks is waayyyy deeper then Nutshack...i mean i'm filipino and all...but this show's kinda trashy, and the bit with eminem and the snoop dogg bird shit was corny as fuck

Anonymous said...

i think the shows funny and has some really good moments. better than a lot of other shit out there