Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hip Hop Glamour -or- Major Label Reality?

There are many youth that want to get into the hip hop game, which I strongly encourage
but it is important to know the pit fall and realities.
Wendy Day of the Rap Coalition is in the business of explaining the hard realities of the industry

The successes of Nas and LL Cool J are not very common within the hip hop game. Videos tend to flood our minds with visions of tinted Benzes, Versace, Hilfiger and sparkling jewelry. Stacks of money are thrown all over marble top tables like plates of red beans and rice (supporting ill-usions).
To be frank, most artists don't own any of the clothes, cars or houses that appear in their videos. If you are Snoop or Dre, of course you do, but the majority of hip hoppers on TV are just giving us what we want to see--the glamour of hip hop. click here for article

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