Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brain Popped?

Here are the links to some really cool science and math sites, even if your students or kids don't like it you will is a revolutionary, interactive website for young people that features award-winning health, science and technology content in the form of animated movies, comic strips, experiments, interactive games and puzzles and a personalized Q&A section. It’s the source for answering those countless questions posed by children in an interesting and education way. The site was selected as a Yahoo! Pick of the Year in 1999 due to the unique content.

Kapili. Com
This site is a virtual paradise for sciences. The suite of sites Biology4kids, Physics4kids and Chemistry4kids provide a comprehensive set of tutorials with supporting interactive quizzes.

Dr Browns Chemistry Clinic
The Chemistry Clinic is a great non-commercial revision web site maintained by Dr Phil Brown. It's absolutely crammed full of notes, animations and tests all built around the UK based GCSE syllabus, the GSE Advanced AS/A2 syllabus and the KS3 curriculum.The more you dig the more you'll find. Fantastic work!

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