Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Owning Up Part 2

2 Views on Yesterday's Hip Hop Town Hall Meeting on Oprah

"If hip hop wants to turn its back on the community, it is time to turn our back on them. Not all hip hop and rap is at fault here, so pick your stance carefully – but definitely we need to send a message."

After seeing Oprah Winfrey’s hip hop ‘dog and pony’ show yesterday, I am truly convinced that hip hop does not get it; the same way that Don Imus didn’t get it.

There is respect among the hip hop community for the guests that were on the Oprah show yesterday, Russell Simmons, Chairman, and Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, hip hop rap artist Common and Hip Hop stand out executive Kevin Liles; but the message they brought was like watching the blind lead the blind. Everyone agreed there is a problem but everyone had a reason or an excuse for the problem. click here for article

“There’s an extraordinary double standard here because most of the people who were in the Ku Klux Klan were what they call ‘poor white trash,’ who were at the bottom of society. Nobody ever makes an excuse for them blowing up little girls, for the being racist. When you get these clowns in your guys’ arena, then suddenly, oh, these are just marionettes. They can’t make any decisions, so the corporation decides society, slavery. All of these things lead up to these people consistently calling people niggers, bitches and hos as though they’re helpless guys who can’t do anything. And I’m not buying it.”
New York Daily News columnists, Stanley Crouch

In light of the Don Imus issue, Oprah formed a “town hall” meeting with a panel of experts who discussed the issue, opening up about racism and the denigration and sexual exploitation of women. A conversation that needed to be brought to attention. Click here

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