Monday, April 16, 2007

Owning Up

"It's hard to defend "I've got hos in different area codes"
Chris Rock

Over the weekend the Imus flap targeted its sites toward rappers and their lyrics and the response was varied, but was summed up that its a larger issue than just rappers
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"Hip-Hop is not responsible for the diffusion of negative portrayals of Black people in America, Hollywood, the Music Industry, Major Radio/Video Broadcast Stations have been, and continue to control the images responsible for shaping the attitudes and lifestyles of Americans for decades now. If, the major outlets for Hip-Hop art are not controlled by the "Hip Hop Community" well then the Hip Hop community does not decide what does or does not get played, and therefore, cannot be responsible!" WISE INTELLIGENT

The above sounds good, but the rap community is doing what they did when C Delores Tucker took them to task crying victim and hiding behind their first Amendment rights

There are other forms of rap (conscious rap as an example) that can be appreciated other than songs that demean. Rappers spewing poison are not victims nor tools and should be held accountable for their comments, that negatively portray our community and send and even harsher message to our youth. I cannot defend the lyrics of the Three 6 Mafia song "This Bitch that Ho" am too smart to be convinced that its not the artist but the industry and am sick of watching its impact on this generation. For the sake of our youth it has to go!

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