Thursday, April 05, 2007

Getting Started in the Hip Hop Biz

When a young person tells you they want to go into the music industry, instead of telling them what a stupid idea it is, followed by why not get a job flipping burgers. Direct them to this informative article where they will learn what it takes to get into the biz

By Wendy Day

The basis of any successful project is the music. The music must be banging and must have appeal outside your inner circle. That means you don't just play it for your boys, you plat it for people you don't know who are most likely to be honest with you about whether or not it's on point. When Creator's Way was putting out Do Or Die's first single in Chicago, Po' Pimp, they gathered together all the local mix show DJs, club DJs, and some of the local retailers and played a few songs for them. They unanimously picked Po' Pimp as their favorite song, so CWAL had reconfirmed exactly which single to press up (and the DJs felt like they played a part in choosing the single). Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on pressing if you aren't certain you'll have the support of the local DJs and stores? click here for more

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