Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Boondocks Not Coming Back in Foreseeable Future

NEW YORK Because Aaron McGruder has made no statement about whether he'll resume or end "The Boondocks" comic strip, Universal Press Syndicate announced today that newspapers should not count on it coming back in the foreseeable future. click here

What is a creative environment?
A creative environment is one where people feel comfortable in expressing their ideas and where constructive support is given in the development and analysis of those ideas.

You are in a creative environment when
  • Your ideas are listened to and investigated before being judged.
  • You feel appreciated when you suggest new ideas.
  • You can suggest solutions to other groups without feeling like you are intruding.
  • Your manager spends time with you and explains the reasons and politics behind projects.
  • You are given the freedom to do your work in your own way.
  • You are not observed or judged all the time.
  • You do not have to pass all of your messages through your manager.
  • Experimental methods are encouraged.
  • You feel comfortable talking with anyone in your organization (top managers included).
  • You feel comfortable talking to your subordinates without having to order them about.
  • There is someone that will listen to your ideas.
  • The generation of good ideas is rewarded, verbally or otherwise.
  • You are treated with respect and as someone who can contribute to the organization.
  • You are appreciated for what you do.
  • You are appreciated for who you are.
Source brainstorming.co.uk

Doug Braithwaite

The comic artist from London talks about all things comics including his start in the UK, his work with Alex Ross and Jim Krueger on Universe X, Paradise X, and their newest best-selling series, Justice. click here


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