Monday, September 18, 2006

Surviving Racism on Cooks Island

Racism in America remains a touchy subject, while its true that each person, group, race, and country must bear responisiblity for their own actions to say that there are no outside influences is to live in a world of fantasy. Check out the cartoon below where the aritst/author makes a point and then the cartoon beneath it where the artist/author truly believes it

In the end only dialogue followed by action has and will continue to change view and perceptions in this country but first there has to be a discussion


This season of Survivor is unlike any other. That's because the tribes in the Cook Islands have been divided by race. Bad idea or social experiment? See what all the fuss is about Thursdays on CBS at 8 ET/PT.

Many believe that Survivor Cook Island where the teams are divided by race is a step in the wrong direction, actually it's leading to dialogue and they get their chance at CBS's Tell Us What You Think Chat Room click here

Playing with Stereotypes

Photographer Eric Myer allows you and your students to play with stereotypes
click here

Elevator Moods
Hard to describe, check it out and let me know what you think

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