Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Out of Order Already

If you read yesterdays blog then you would know that outline 5 points that I feel will motivate teenage urban malesto read

1. Think creative
2. Provide a creative enviornment
3. Listen to their interest
4. Provide them learning material that reflect their lives
5. Provide challenges that require creative responses not predictable ones

I have already jumped from the past the second and third points to the fourth. I plan to stay in order but this article came across my desktop and I don't make the news (at least not yet) I simply report it. Here's the news BK stlye

4. Provide them learning material that reflect their lives

Teens are telling us the problem, they're behavior is screaming it but are we really listening, I don't think so, I'm not aware of too many schools that were in trouble that turned itself around. Is school district addressing their challenges with creativity sure they are just not always in the most important ways. As demostrated by this article

Rome City Schools is switching to a finger-scanning system that lets students pay for meals with a touch of the here for full article

One thing that needs to be discussed in school is the universal challenge of racism

Check out the article below

THE BBC’s new sitcom The Crouches was damned by two leading black writers on successive nights as Camden’s Black History Month kicked off last week.

Educator and former radio host Alex Pascall OBE and Patrick Augustus, author of Babyfather, the first black British novel to be adapted for TV, condemned the series for its negative portrayal of black people.
The sitcom, which began last month, has come under fire from the black community for relying heavily on old-fashioned stereotypes.
Speaking on Friday at Swiss Cottage Library, Mr Pascall added his voice to the criticisms.
For the entire article click here

And since I'm doing features from Camdem here's another report

Black people seven times more likely to face search Camden police figures higher than under-fire London average
to read the article click here

Grafitti in the UK

What inspires these artists to write in a world where getting hit by a train or picked up by the police is a real threat? click here

The animated Series

Taggerz is 1Xtra's first animated drama. It follows the lives of the Ruffneck Crew, a group of graffiti artists dealing with the everyday issues of life at street level. When your crew is your family, you better hope they've got your back.
To watch Taggerz you need to be 15 years old or older. If you're not already a BBC member you'll need to sign up by clickin' on 'Create your BBCi membership' at the top of this page. It's free and it also gives you access to 1Xtra's click here

Play with Yourselves

Get Lost

To Avoid getting lost you must first open your eyes.
Check out Virtually Click here

See what the talk is all about
Check out
click here

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