Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Outside the Box

Up to this point I've spent more time talking theory than actually way (I feel) will motivate teenage urban males to read

1. Think creative
2. Provide a creative enviornment
3. Listen to their interest
4. Provide learning material that reflect their lives
5. Provide challenges that require creative responses not predictable ones

1. Think Creative

Alright Gang it's time to Play with Yourselves
According to Sir Ken Robinson world renowned expert on stimulating creativity, most adults believe that they have lost their creativity, when in truth its just dormant. Here are a couple of websites that will stimulate your creative juices
Just click the sites won't bite

I can describe him officer he looked like this click here to go to flashface
This site is so cool you will have to share it

For those of you who preferr something more abstract try Zefrank.com
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More 2 come

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