Monday, September 25, 2006

You Named Him What?

Today's parents seem to believe they can alter their child's destiny by picking the perfect—preferably idiosyncratic—name. (Destiny, incidentally, was the ninth most popular name for girls in New York City last year.) The current crop of preschoolers includes a few Uniques, with uncommonly named playmates like Kyston, Payton and Sawyer. From Dakota to Heaven, Integrity to Serenity, more babies are being named after places and states of mind.Increasingly, children are also named for prized possessions. In 2000, birth certificates revealed that there were 298 Armanis, 269 Chanels, 49 Canons, 6 Timberlands, 5 Jaguars and 353 girls named Lexus in the U.S. The trend is not surprising: In an era in which children are viewed as accessories, such names telegraph our desire for creative, social or material success. It would be ironic if young Jaguar or Lexus grew up to drive a Honda Accord. read the entire
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If you find that remembering the name you gave your child tough

The process of memorising information can be split into four distinct stages. These are:

  1. The registering of information by the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch and/or taste.
  2. The interpretation by the brain of the impulses that are generated by the five senses. This is what is termed understanding.
  3. The temporary storage of the information in the so-called short-term memory.
  4. Finally, the transfer of the information from the short-term, to the long-term memory. This is where a (theoretically) permanent record of the memory is stored.
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The Wire
Episode 40
"Home Room"

Captured the classroom environment in many of our countries more challenged schools”Some will say that the episode was extreme; others will say that it came up short but all will agree that it captured the essence of a schools system crying for help.

The Wire is without a doubt the most riveting series on television, and begs for a discussion on what is this country’s commitment to education.


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